How to Build Your Brand From Scratch

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“Leading companies have the best branding strategy”. Well…that’s not really true. SME also have good branding strategies, but the public only gets to know the big ones, of course. Whether you are a large or a small company, you need to implement a global marketing campaign. Today, particularly we’ll be focusing on how to build your brand from … Continued

5 Best Blogs to Learn Marketing for Your Brokerage

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Do you usually read any digital marketing blogs? Have you recently checked any articles about how to better reach your digital audience? If your answer is no, it’s time to change those habits! We found a bunch of blogs to learn Marketing when we searched on Google, but the question is: are they brilliant and updated? Kenmore … Continued

3 Video Ideas for Your Website

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You found the perfect website builder to set up your website years ago. Now, your competitors are updating their websites too. They are using different social networks and video strategies to attract more leads. They are going further, reaching new markets but above all reaching new generations of traders. This year it’s time to take advantage of your website‘s potential. Nowadays Video … Continued

How to Implement Multi-language Support

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When you connect with markets in every part of the globe, it’s essential to have multi-language support. Currently there are many options to start this process, which we will tell you about later. If you are able to reach different regions of the world your business will grow better. But for that you need to know how … Continued

On-site SEO Elements for Your Forex Website

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Last month we talked about why you should know about On-Page SEO and now it’s time to go deeper into this subject. We all want our forex website to reach Google ranking’s first positions but in order to do that we have to implement a compelling strategy. If you don’t know yet what the On-site SEO elements for your forex website are, … Continued

How to Pick a Forex Web Design Company

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This is a big step for your brokerage. You can’t choose just any forex web design company. You want to convey confidence with your web design, not scare your future traders. Your colours, your typography and your formatting has to be perfect and most important, connected to your brand. How do you decide how to pick a forex web design … Continued

5 Basic Steps to Start Your Forex Blog


Hi everyone! Today we discuss a topic highly requested by our followers “5 Basic steps to start your forex blog“. When you start thinking about creating a forex blog on your own, many doubts may come to your mind. Will people be interested in my content? Will I gain any profit from it? How often do I … Continued

Email Sequences for Sales Funnels for Your Brokerage

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Hello everyone, this is Helena Gallardo, part of the Kenmore Design team. In today’s episode we will talk about one of the main marketing strategies: emails chasers for funnels. And how you can improve your email sequences for sales funnels for your Brokerage. Before starting we will go over some basic terms, so you can have a broad vision. … Continued