Trader’s Room

Trader's Room is a fully automated web solution that integrates with your MT4 and provides all the tools traders need: the ability to open and manage multiple trading accounts and make instant deposits, transfers, and withdrawal requests. IB Tools include marketing materials, commission reports, and hundreds of other features.

Web Design for Forex Brokerages

A robust, content-rich, and mobile-friendly website is crucial to the success of your forex brokerage. Your website is the primary tool for generating new business while supporting your existing client base. Kenmore Design will work with you to design a website that meets the specific needs of your company.

Forex CRM

Never lose any leads and keep track of all activity in one place. Kenmore Design has multiple CRM options: from built-in to enterprise-level systems for FX brokerages. The system enables brokerage growth by scaling your sales operations.


MT4 Cloud Trader’s Room Edition comes with a built-in, fully featured, Web-based MT4 Trader application. Each trader gets the ability to simply click on their MT4 number to open a new browser window where the MT4 Trader is already running.

Merchant Services

Easy approval process and low percentage rates for the forex market. We work with a number of the world’s most respected organizations in the merchant services industry. Trader’s Room also supports payout services for automated withdrawals.

Expansions & MT4 for Mac

As you grow you may want to look into one of the available system expansions or come up with your own. Expansions include: MAM/PAMM Support, Multi-Level IB Support, VPS Service, MT4 JSON API, and others. MT4 for Mac OS is also available standalone.

Enterprise Solutions


Your Own Back Office

Extended license to own and have complete control of your solution. These solutions enable brokerages to achieve the flexibility required in a corporate, multi-national setting.


Enterprise CRM and Analytics

Deep integration of a CRM of your choice with Trader's Room for enterprise-level control of operations, sales, compliance, and marketing.


For the many brokerages that enter the FX market with little experience in online presence and digital strategy, Kenmore Design offers a number of packages equipped with our most requested features.

All packages come with some degree of customization, since there’s no such thing as “one size fits all” in web solutions. 

Click a button to consider your options. Talk to one of our friendly representatives for advice on choosing the best approach for your business. 

Customer Stories

… Kenmore Design have been able to develop security systems and integration of already in use suppliers as well as customize the whole back office to give our customers an almost android user-friendly learn-as-you go feeling. The CRM has helped our management team to verify that every member of our team is doing what they need to do as well as ensure that no customer is ever forgotten. As a result we have been able to increase our client base while keeping our support team small. This in itself will have our new back office paid for within 4 months.

Support has been awesome, the whole team …    Read the rest


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