Partner with us

Make your contribution to the Forex Industry.

We realize that the Forex Industry has a lot of potential. Due to the Industry’s global nature there are a lot of differences in business approach. These particular approaches are based on geography as well as language barriers.

We strive to break the barriers and welcome partners from the established companies as well as individuals with ties to the industry.

For Companies

Kenmore Design offers only a piece of a full puzzle that is needed to start and run a successful retail Forex Brokerage. For everything else we partner with:

  • Forex Advisory Firms
  • Metatrader Plugin Development Companies
  • Platform White-Label Providers
  • Liquidity Providers
  • Technology Providers
  • App Development Companies
  • Marketing Firms
  • Design Firms
  • Web Development Companies
  • Content and Translation Providers

For Individuals

We realize that it is impossible to serve the needs of all of our clients by the means of the internal team. We offer attractive reseller options for Individuals that are able to provide access to new markets. We are always looking for professionals who are looking to:

  • Expand their advisory service
  • Offer reliable solutions to existing clients
  • Use the knowledge of local markets
  • Attend to the needs of non-english speaking clients
  • Attend to the needs of clients in South-East Asia, Japan, Australia, South America and other geographical locations.

Join our Partner Program and get all the all the knowledge and resources you need to become the partner your clients can’t live without.