Forex Social Trading: MAM or PAMM for MT4 or MT5

Multiple Account Management or Percent Allocation Money Management allows more experienced traders to profit by managing the funds of others while enabling your clients to become investors and profit without trading on their own.

Victor is a Money Manager

His Trading Statistics are published on the broker's website.


Bill chooses to invest with Victor

He will now follow the steps to open an investor’s account and contribute to Victor’s fund. Bill will now get Allocated Profits and Losses posted by Victor.


Allocation Strategies

PAMM Allocation
PAMM Solution
Many other Allocations are available and while less common they provide flexibility to expand the customer base. We constantly work on new allocation methods that we make available.
  • Equity Allocation
  • Lot Allocation
  • Percent Allocation

Accelerate your Growth with Kenmore Design

With our personalized approach, the integration and import process of the PAMM system for MT4, MT4 PAMM, MT5 PAMM, and other PAMM/MAM and Social Trading solutions is more human. Our support team is excited to help you today!