Live Webinars

Live Webinars

Webinars are online classrooms. A presenter can share his computer screen, voice, and documents with one or more attendees. Currently, many companies around the world use live webinars to educate and share knowledge.

Many brokers rely on their IBs to introduce and educate traders. We met some of these IBs and listened to their story. They are already connected to your Multi-Level IB Logic, so it’s time to take the next step and give them live webinar support too.

In many cases the IBs are on a 24 hour / day duty of making and answering calls. They often have to do it across multiple time zones or even countries which is why live webinars are such a useful tool.

Share knowledge about FX and Trading in your Live Webinars

Live webinars aim to provide tools to both Brokers & IBs to communicate with clients directly. In addition, some of them use it even in a classroom setting, without paying long distance fees and not being limited by just voice.

Both brokers and IBs can create webinars. The broker creates webinars that can connect with all their traders, IBs, Money Managers, Investors, or any other system users.

Although IBs can create their own live webinars, only the traders introduced by that IB can attend them.

You will be able to schedule every live webinar on your calendar. After that, you will receive your notifications regarding the participants’ attendance.

Live Webinars as other popular tools to share knowledge change over time, but Kenmore Design always keeps updated. At the same time we could easily add Webinar’s Recorder, Desktop sharing and other features.

There are a lot of possibilities for your business using this tool. You just have to think about who you want to share your knowledge with and we will give you the support to do it.