Payment Solutions for Forex Brokers

Forex Payment System

Kenmore Design works with any Payment Service Provider. Whether via a gateway of your choice or directly to a PSP you can start accepting payments on your launch date.

We will assist you in choosing a Payment Service Provider by guiding you to the provider that is right for your Target Audience and fits your business model.

Traders Room and CRM keeps track of user activity and will process all deposits instantly or upon the approval from your Compliance or Accounting team.

Currency Conversions for Instant Deposits

The funds deposited into your Trading Platform via a workflow that will convert the currency of the deposit into the currency of your client’s MT4 or MT5 account. The rates are defined by the most trusted providers and can be marked up on demand.

Payment Processors for Withdrawals

In certain cases when Traders demand more automation when it comes to Withdrawals in addition to Deposits. There are a number of Payment Providers that allow for Payouts to your clients. Kenmore Design has perfected the workflows and security procedures involved and allows for integration with any of the payout services that provide web APIs.

For those without Payment Processing needs

You can always list The Brokerage Bank Details or other instructions on the Deposit page.

The System also allows for Local Depositor function. Local Depositor is usually an IB or another referrer with a special privilege that enables him to transfer funds from his IB account into any account of the his referred clients.

BitCoin Deposits

Use of BitCoin is becoming more widespread as Merchant fees rise and Banking is becoming more challenging.

BitCoin processing comes built-in by default in your Trader’s Room. The conversion is done on the spot into the account currency and The Broker receives the payout at the time of deposit.