A complete Retail Forex Backoffice engineered for growth

Web-based portal built for you but designed specifically with your Traders in mind. Behind the secure login of MT4 or MT5 Trader's Room you and your clients will have access to thousands of features, from registering new accounts to electronic deposits to managing Trading Platform workflows.
Forex Traders Room

On the Mission

Client Onboarding

Sales pipeline: Live & Demo Accounts, Leads, Data Import.

Retention and Growth

Incentivize Deposits. Promote New Offers. Implement Feedback-to-Action.


Validate Customer Details via KYC/AML tools or internally.

Quality Assurance

Provide Multi-Chanel Customer Support on an unprecedented level.


Assign jobs by Roles, Departments, Locations and more.

Marketing Solutions

Implement various Marketing Strategies Inbound and Outbound.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Process Secure Payments via Multi-Channel Payment Aggregators.


With Advanced Reporting based on Sales and Trading Data.

9:06 AM

The Potential Customer

The Lead journey will start from a registration page or a landing page

Forex Lead Generation
9:08 AM

The Clever AI

Will follow the set conditions to assign Bill to Jake, who is in an specific office, Time Zone, and speaks Bill’s Language

Forex Brokerage Technology
9:09 AM

Jake from Sales

Will become the first point of contact, making sure Bill completes the investment.

Forex Brokerage Sales and Marketing
9:12 AM


Documents verification can be done manually or with help of third parties

KYC System for Forex Brokers
9:20 AM

Delegating Responsibilities

Once the documents have been approved, the Custom Forex Backoffice will be used to assign tasks so that no time is wasted

Forex Brokerage Growth Tools

Ready to get started?

Get in touch or create an account.

9:25 AM

Making a deposit

Now it's time for Bill to fund his account and start trading. We work with hundreds of processors including crypto PSPs.

Online Deposits for Forex Brokers

Retention and Growth

Complete set of tools to enable the development of Traders:

  • Multi-Level IBs
  • CPA Affiliates
  • Bonus Systems


Quality Assurance

Explore All the Ways to Connect with your Clients:

  • Live Chat
  • Feedback Collection
  • Support Ticket System
  • Phone Systems Integration


Marketing Solutions

Where All of Your Marketing Tools Come Together:

  • IB referrals
  • Landing Pages
  • Mass Email
  • Call Center
9:50 AM

Andrea is Jake’s boss

Once in a while Andrea reviews the CRM and checks on the team progress.

Forex Brokerage Management Technology

Customize your CRM and Traders Room with Kenmore Design

For over 10 years we have been doing what we do best: deploying our customized Forex Trader's Room and other Brokerage Solutions that lead to success. Every deployment is different and accompanied by a generous personalized approach by your Dedicated Project manager and the Dev Team.