Multi-Level IB Logic for MT4 and MT5

Must-have functionality that enables IB referral commissions payouts on multiple levels.

IBs are now able to receive commissions not only from the Traders they refer but also from the other IBs they referred.

Broker Sets Commissions

Flexible way to set the rebates in Pips, Percentage, Cash and more. The Multi-Level IB Portal system is powerful enough to support even more custom payout formulas on an unlimited number of levels.
mt4 multi level ibs mt5

IB’s Portal Promo Materials

Your IBs will receive access to multiple Promo Materials. Referral URLs, Banners, Articles, Landing Pages, Social Media Sharing options, and more.
IB Referral URL Forex Backoffice

IB Reports

Your IBs will receive instant commission payouts and review commission reports on all levels.
Multi Level IB Reports

Broker Reports

The broker can review all the rebates paid out across the system.
Broker IB Reports

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Our Multi-Level IB Solutions and complete service package for forex brokerages will allow you to manage your Brokerage and start a meaningful conversation with your traders, IBs and Money Managers.