Mobile Solutions

The world is going mobile. On top of all of the features listed below the brokerage offering mobile access to their clients data on mobile will automatically get more exposure online.

Due to the nature of mobile presence you get new points of entry: Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This allows you to advertise your Brokerage to the entire new market as well as receive the SEO benefit of a backlink from Apple and Google.

Forex Brokerage Mobile App

Overview of all accounts with balances, account types, trade history.

Allow your clients to access their trade history without having to be tied to their desk. Everyone who ever traded had a desire to share their experience with others. Not only does it boost their confidence, it also promotes your brand.

Mobile Deposits

Streamline the ability to receive mobile deposits whether it is from a credit card or via bank transfer. The app allows your customers to see your bank details for transfers while on the go, making sure they always have that information in their pocket.

IB tools, Promo Materials, and performance Analytics.

IB tools, Promo Materials, and performance Analytics. IBs get the full set of tools to refer clients to your brokerage, from the conventional Referral URL, to the more advanced referrals via social media and other types of messaging. IBs can also instantly see the result of their work.

And what would we do without the Live Quotes Tickler?!

Deliver your current rates and spreads to those on the go.

Check out the demo yourself!