Forex CRM

Trader’s Room includes a CRM (Customer Relationship Management System) that allows forex brokers to receive leads to sales and support agents to attend to their needs. Once signed up, traders, IBs, and other types of users interact with brokerage agents: attending to withdrawal requests and technical issues. Our custom logic keeps track of all lead or account history from inside the Trader’s Room and notifies agents in case any action needs to be taken on a certain task.

Pick a CRM Function:

Bill fills out the contact form on your website

He is requesting some details about your offers.

Jake is receiving website Leads per Admin settings

He is going to respond to Bill right from Trader's Room.

Bill decides to register a Live Account

He fills out the registration form with required personal information.

Jake receives an email notification from the CRM

He will review Bill's information and approve his application.

Bill wants a practice demo account

He fills out the demo registration form and receives demo credentials instantly.

Jake can see Bill’s application information

He can now reach out to Bill to see if he would potentially be interested in a live account later.

Bill wants to become an IB

He sends IB account request through Trader’s Room.

David is responsible for Partnerships

He will be attending to Bills' IB registration request.

Bill fills out the MAM registration form on your website

He is an experienced Money Manager.

Jacob is responsible for MAM requests

He is going to review and approve Bill's application, publishing his account statistics on the brokerage website.

Bill decides to invest with another Money Manager

He finds one on the Brokerage website on the MAM rating page.

Since Jacob is responsible for investing requests

He received email notification from the CRM and approved the engagement.

Bill has recently moved and needs to update his home address

He has uploaded new documents to the Trader's Room.

Jake has received the documents

He will now update Bill’s profile on Trader’s Room. Trader’s Room will push the update to all Bill’s MT4 and MT5 accounts.

Bill decided to open another MT4 and MT5 account

He wants to practice trading in a different currency base.

David gets a notification

However, he doesn’t have to do anything, it’s just for his records.

Bill made a profit

He now submits a withdrawal request.

Jacob is responsible for this type of requests

He approves the withdrawal request and proceeds to make a wire transfer to Bill.

Bill transfers funds from one of his MT4 and MT5 account to another

Since his accounts have different currency bases, the currency conversion is performed on the spot.

Jake has access to the history of funds transfers

He can later refer to this type of activity on Bill's account.

Bill has just made an electronic deposit to his trading account

The funds are instantly available on his MT4 and MT5.

Jake can monitor payments history

He received email notification about deposits from the CRM for his records.

Bill is concerned

He submits the issue right in the Trader's Room.

Jake receives a notification and attends to the issue

He will respond to Bill and close the issue once resolved right in the Trader's Room.

Customer Stories

The process of setting up a back office and CRM has been easy and straightforward, thanks to Kenmore Design. Their development team has been with us every step of the way and communication has been effortless. Response time has been very quick.

The CRM has helped our management team stay one step ahead when it comes to handling tasks and clients, which has helped our business remain effective and efficient.

Support has been great. Kenmore Design is always right there when we need them to ensure that operations continue to run smoothly. They are always clear with us so that there are no misunderstandings.

In addition, their Multi-Tier IB support has the exact functionality we were looking for and is user-friendly, providing us with a reliable and easy-to-use system. Overall, we are quite satisfied with Kenmore Design’s products and exceptional service and can highly recommend them.



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