5 Basic Steps to Start Your Forex Blog


Hi everyone! Today we discuss a topic highly requested by our followers “5 Basic steps to start your forex blog“. When you start thinking about creating a forex blog on your own, many doubts may come to your mind. Will people be interested in my content? Will I gain any profit from it? How often do I have to write? Not to worry. You are in the right place.

If you are already a forex expert and have a specific idea of what you want, you are half way there. Sometimes novice bloggers want to cover everything. However, this is the worst way to start. Your forex blog will have to be very professional for you to have an audience. Although it would still be complicated. In fact, the video is positioning itself more and more as the leading format. That means you have to work harder on your content and even include videos in your posts. Starting a blog is a difficult task but not impossible, so let’s start talking about it.


You should do this to know who they are and also to take note of their mistakes. That way you can review their contents and page elements and improve them in your own forex blog. Elements that you have to pay attention to:

  • Content (and structure): What do they write about? Forex products, international forex markets, forex web design?
  • Writing Style: Do they have easy-read or complex texts? Do they have a formal or informal style?
  • Extension: they write short or long texts? they include visual elements to liven up the text? and what about the load speed? Do they respect the extension in every post?
  • Advertisements: can you see ads beside the text? are they in every post or in the main page? If they have them, what kind of ads? Are they annoying or well integrated?
  • Web Design: How is the web design? Is it simple and boring or, on the contrary, is it dynamic and fresh? What colours do they use? And the typography?
  • Frequency: They prefer to post twice or three times per week or just once per month? Marketers recommend posting at least twice per week to have influence in your sector.
  • Promotion on Social Media: Do they promote their posts on different social networks? What networks?


Nowadays, it isn’t complicated to find a good blog platform. The problem is that you can find a lot of them. How could you decide upon only one? We have gathered a few ones for you to check them:

Besides this second step, you have to think about the content writer, it is going to be you or are you going to hire someone else? We suggest these three options:

  • You, as an expertise, write your posts for your forex blog.
  • Hire a professional: it could be a remote content provider or an internal marketing personnel.
  • Combination of both options: that you hire a professional but if you want to write some articles, you can do it. Maybe you want to write more, in that case, you can be the content provider and can hire a professional for some sporadic posts.


This step is mandatory. Besides, depending on the decisions you have previously made, it changes the way you face to make the content plan. For example, if you hire a professional you don’t have to worry about it. Your content provider will contact you in order that you can approve the content plan, but for nothing more. On the contrary, if you have decided to write your own posts, pay attention to our next recommendations. Decide how often you are going to post, in Kenmore Design we post twice per week but if you prefer to write more or less it’s up to you.

Do some brainstorming to collect all your ideas for your forex blog. It would be nice that a person of trust or a professional will check it and give you their advice. Start writing. When you have written the content for at least a month, start posting. It would be more effective to program your posts in a Calendar tool. Besides, we’d like to remind you that you will reach more people if you include images in your posts. There are a lot of free image banks on the Internet, for example, you can visit Unplash.


If you have a blog and don’t promote it, you are wasting your time. Use all the tools that the internet offers to tell the world that your content is amazing and they will love it. Moreover, don’t forget SEO, which are the techniques that help your blog be on the top of the search ranking. Check the positions of your competitors to learn more about how to reach the first positions. Before starting the promotion on social media, check which networks are better for your forex business. Maybe Pinterest has increased the numbers of users, but any forex trader is posting there?

Once you’ve decided this, take your blog calendar and post on your social networks the same days that you post in your blog. You have to tell the world all the time how good your material is. It’d be a good thing to do if you talk with your followers and ask them their opinion about your content. You have to connect with your audience as they are the ones who are spending their time in your forex blog.


If you’d like to create a high quality blog, you have to keep constantly updated. Not only with the forex market, but the social media, the SEO techniques and the activity of other bloggers. It is a never-ending job, so be aware of that before starting your forex blog. Set a work routine to do this if it’s complicated for you and surround yourself with people who are updated. Your audience will notice if you keep updated and will trust you more.


Last but not least, you should add valuable content to the forex market. Being original will give you relevance. You have to be the one who does something different, creative and brilliant. Be the one who gives the audience a new approach and write your texts with passion, they will notice.

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