5 Basic Steps to Start Your Forex Blog


Hi everyone! Today we discuss a topic highly requested by our followers “5 Basic steps to start your forex blog“. When you start thinking about creating a forex blog on your own, many doubts may come to your mind. Will people be interested in my content? Will I gain any profit from it? How often do I … Continued

Email Sequences for Sales Funnels for Your Brokerage

All About Forex | Marketing

Hello everyone, this is Helena Gallardo, part of the Kenmore Design team. In today’s episode we will talk about one of the main marketing strategies: emails chasers for funnels. And how you can improve your email sequences for sales funnels for your Brokerage. Before starting we will go over some basic terms, so you can have a broad vision. … Continued

Why You Should Know About on-page SEO


Hey everyone! In this post, we are going to tell you why you should know about On-Page SEO. Basically, you will learn the reasons why you should use Google without wasting time by contracting a paid-campaign. At first sight, it could be challenging, but you will understand the importance of On-Page SEO. Firstly, we’d like to underscore that any SEO strategy has … Continued