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This post will go over all the services we offer here at Kenmore Design. We have a wealth of Forex CRM Solutions for you!


So we start with our main product:


Forex CRM and Traders Room


This system is deployed for Brokers, it connects to the Brokers’ Trading Platform and is accessible for both The Broker and The Broker’s Clients.


The Clients side or as we call it Trader’s Room has all the functions needed by Traders. They can sign up on a Demo or Live Registration Form, login, submit the KYC, Make a Deposit, Get access to the Trading Platform, Review Trading History, Apply to become an IB, get access to IB referral URL and other Promo Materials, review the IB account performance, and much more. The Traders Room is Multi-Lingual, it has features that allow Traders to manage multiple accounts, submit withdrawals, it enforces Terms and Conditions compliance, it has ability to submit support requests and even Live Chat with the Broker.


The Broker side of the system is the CRM, it’s the heart of it all. As a Forex CRM Admin you will be able to Administer all aspects of you system. You will create CRM Users and allocate them to their Roles. You will create Sales Role, Support Role, Accountant Role, as many Roles as you need. Once CRM Users are allocated to their Roles they will start receiving Tasks: Sales people will receive notifications of new registrations, Accountants will receive requests for withdrawals and so on.


As a Forex CRM Admin you will define Account Types that you will offer, these Account Types correspond to Trading Platform Groups. You will also manage things like Deposit account details for Client’s Funds, all kinds of Graphics and Promo Materials, dive into Email Notification, interface verbiage and much more.


Forex CRM Users or Agents will have access to each of your Clients’ Profiles. They can Review any communications that were made with them, post notes, set reminders, view Clients’ activity, their personal Details & KYC, Additionally, they will be able to view and manage details of each of their Trading accounts to the extent of their Role Access Level of course.  


At the end of the day the job of your agents is of course to attend to the Tasks that are assigned to them based on their Role be that to Process Withdrawal requests of attend to Live Chats initiated by traders.


We do not impose any limits whatsoever on system usage, any number of Traders, IBs Admins, Agents, Roles are all yours out of the box from day one.


So The Traders Room and the CRM is the main Product that we offer. Over a course of the years we’ve developed a number of Expansions. Usually they are deployed in tandem with your Forex CRM however it is possible to use them separately if needed.


Expansion #1: Multi Level IBs


Normally, Trading Platforms pay a single Level Agent Commission only. Trader Trades, IB who invited him gets paid. This expansion provides an intuitive way for the Broker to set Multi Level IB rebates for IBs in Pips, Percentage, Cash and more. You can define how many IB levels get paid and how their commission changes based what level in the IB chain they are on.


Expansion #2: MAM, PAMM, and CopyTrading


This Expansion allows more experienced traders to profit by managing the funds of others while enabling your other clients to become investors and profit without trading on their own.


The Expansion is the interface for your clients to become money managers; while others will see the performance statistics of Money Managers such as Daily Profit, Monthly Profit and so on allowing for a two-click investment process with a chosen money manager. Now these clients become Investors and their newly opened Investor account is now connected to their chosen Money Manager.


You have several options as to how to do the actual mathematics of profit allocation; we provide traditional balance allocation PAMM, however MAM and Copytrading is also possible we just use our partners to do this type of mathematics instead of dong it natively.


Expansion #3: Reporting


Once operational, you may want to get some insights into your data. The problem with building any kind of analytics for Forex Brokerages is that no number of reports is ever enough. So instead of having a set number of Reports we integrate with a BI system that allows you to build your own reports while accessing ALL of you data.


And I mean ALL: all Trading Platform data, all Customer data, all Payments and Tasks data. We unify it for you and offer BI interface with a number of pre-build reports and ability to build as many others as you like. Of course you can always expect to be assisted if needed.


Payment Systems


For a more detailed description, check out our earlier post. In short, your system will integrate with as many payment systems as you like. For Client Deposits AND Withdrawals if needed. We will integrate with any PSP, Cashier Service, Payment Aggregator, or Crypto Processor of your choice. The system can also process BTC natively out of the box.


In addition, the system is capable of utilizing Local Depositors – a service sometimes provided by independent brokers (IBs) that assist their the Traders to deposit funds with you or settle a withdrawal.


You can implement all kinds of logic here: use only certain PSPs for users in certain locations; you chain the PSPs if you have daily processing limits; you can switch PSPs  or integrate new ones as often as you need.


CRM Regions


We also made a detailed post about Regions, if you need to know more, there will be a link in the description.


Your CRM is capable of powering Multiple Brokerages; Meaning one CRM and Multiple Traders Rooms. Each Traders Room on their own domain, with unique logos, different email addresses, connected to different websites. By the looks of it from the Trader side – these Regions would appear as different brokerages. They can even be connected to different Trading Platforms if you want.


How you use it is in your hands:


  • Create a second brokerage to create a visibility of competition.
  • Operate a Regulated entity and an unregulated entity as a Region.
  • Sell Whitelabels of your Brokerage to trusted parties that will operate in their Regions. 


Loyalty Rewards Programs and Leaderboards


In essence, these are tools that boost your customer retention by introducing a kind of gamification to their trading. You can set up a program that would analyze the participants’ Trading History and reward them in a way you choose.

Couple of examples:

Consider that Participants make a minimum 1K deposit and trade certain CFDs for a minimum of 5 lots a day over a chosen period of time and keep the positions open for minimum of 5 minutes. ,Each participant that meets these conditions will be paid in cash or credit $5 per lot on these CFDs at the end of the period.


Another example:

Traders that Make a 1K deposit and the one that produces the highest profit at the end of a set period will receive a reward. The Leaderboard of participants is shown publicly to all -incentivizing them to participate.


Over the course of the past few years I’ve seen programs like these implemented even for the IBs: For example, IB needs to invite at least 3 traders that make a deposit and trade a set number of lots within a month in order to start receiving a higher commission or start getting paid on more levels.


Prop. Firm Solutions


More on this coming soon, but in essence it’s a kind of Forex Trading Challenge. Participants don’t make deposits. Instead, they pay a small sum to participate in a challenge let’s say $100.


They receive a Trading account in a demo group with let’s say $100,000. Over a course of a month participants need to meet strict conditions such as  daily activity; the challenge terms also limits how much  Executed and (more importantly) NOT EXECUTED Loss they can produce daily. This non-executed Loss or account equity limit is a tricky one to comply with.


Participants also have to produce a certain minimal Profit defined by the terms. Once challenges successfully passed participants move on to the next stage. What happens at the end is defined by you: cash reward, live account profit sharing, chance to become a fund manager, gain employment – you decide.


Since this business model doesn’t require you to hold client’s funds and doesn’t have any risks of trading high volatility leveraged products since participants don’t make deposits and just pay for participating in a challenge, you are not required to be licensed. This business model has been gaining a lot of attention as of late.


Now, that’s it for expansions, but we got a few more items that deserve to be mentioned here:


Developer APIs


Kenmore Design loves developers! This is why all our systems have APIs. These APIs can be used by you or your development team to build your own applications. For example: JSON API directly to your Trading Platform that would let you register and fund accounts, get the trading history, modify accounts, and even trade.


If you use the CRM there is an API for each of its functions. You can implement risk tools, automate your marketing, build custom registration forms, and automate your KYC.


KYC Automation


 The CRM can integrate with a KYC Automation Service of your choice. Most commonly, AutoKYC or SumSub but there are others including very region-specific systems that verify each withdrawal for example.


MT4/MT5 for MacOS


Another thing: Kenmore Design can build a Trading Terminal that can natively run on Mac OS, so Apple users are no longer at a disadvantage.


Mobile Apps for Traders


We also have experience building Forex Mobile Applications, essentially a mirror of Traders Room with all its features. We have some exciting developments on this coming up in the near future.


Forex Web Design


Finally, we can build your Website. Despite the name of our company, we haven’t been a full-fledged design company for over 10 years now. However, we do have a number of ready-built websites that have all the features you may need:



We can make you a logo, add some unique images, and provide some content. This will give you a minimal website to start with. In some rare cases, we do take on custom design projects just to keep our designers on their toes.


With our help and guidance (and Forex CRM!) you will be able to quickly gain a solid client base and develop an excellent reputation.


Kenmore Design has representation worldwide and we are looking forward to seeing more of you in 2022!  

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