The Making of Kenmore Design


Hey there! Today I’m going to take you on our journey from how we went from humble startup to established technology provider in the space of just a few short years.



My name is Alex and I’m the founder and CEO of Kenmore Design, a leader in Forex CRM and related web services and software.



I started Kenmore Design in 2007 which makes us 15 years old in the year 2022! We didn’t meet our first competitor until 5 years after we were already making Forex brokers successful. 



We are the industry leader in CRM, Backoffice, and Multi Level IB Logic, as well as integrations with MAM/PAMM/CopyTraders, Payment and Crypto Systems, KYC, SMS, Phone Systems, Incentive Programs, Loyalty Programs, Prop. Firm challenges, and competitions for Forex brokers of all types around the world.



We feature multiple different trading platforms completely independent from other vendors which makes us indispensable for Brokers that want to remain technology and provider independent. 



We started off in the Web Design and Development industry which focused primarily on the financial sector. Our name actually comes from the location of our first creative office space in Kenmore Square (in the city of Boston) in Massachusetts.



Well, that locale gave us the name, and I also like to say that we KEN do MORE than others 🙂



Soon after, we moved to Boston’s Innovation District where we were mingling with other innovators and internet entrepreneurs. We even shared space with early innovators from Forex technology providers.



This was an exciting time, working with creative people from all over the world, each focusing on something very exciting in the Web space. Being surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs gave us the startup energy that we, 15 years on, still have in our current team.



By then we were already all in on CRMs for Forex Brokers so we moved on from pure design and focused primarily on the CRM and Web technologies that power successful companies, though still to this day we are putting usability and customer experience first.



Our team was growing and we made our best move yet, effectively splitting our operations between the two new offices in New York and Malta, expanding our global reach and adding new employees, partners, technology providers, and representatives all around the world.



In the year 2020 we made a major update to our technology, essentially re-inventing our entire approach to business with Forex Brokers. This switch enabled us to power even larger systems with multiple regions, trading platforms, and regulatory requirements.



We’ve been constantly innovating, improving, and building new expansions for our main Trader’s Room product ever since we started.



This year I will turn 40 and as we will celebrate an incredible 15 years in business I decided to revamp this Blog and also start a YouTube channel providing advanced tips and tricks to current and future Forex Brokers by sharing the knowledge I gathered over these incredible 15 years.



Look for more upcoming topics ranging from Forex Technology to Business Strategy & Marketing in the Forex Space!

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