Types of Registration Forms You Can Use on your Forex Brokerage Website

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This post can be very helpful if you are in the process of designing or redesigning your website, or if you just want to make a simple upgrade!  During the process, it’s important to keep in mind several key factors:

  • What role Registration Forms play in your business 
  • What they depend on  
  • Discuss what happens after registration 
  • And help you decide on the correct type of form for your brokerage

Let’s first go over the most common types of forms that you will be using (and their advantages and disadvantages): 

  • Single-Page 
  • Multi-Step  
  • Multi-Phase  
  • Demo

Single-Page Forms


  • Simple 
  • Inviting 
  • Easy to deploy 

Limited by:  

  • The amount of data collected, maybe 10 fields if you optimize for all screens 
  • Not acceptable for regulated Brokers

Multi-Step Forms


  • Ability to collect unlimited amount of data  
  • Ability to request and process KYC documents on the same form 
  • Forms such as these fool the bots that try to inject things into your system 


  • Annoy users after the first step  
  • As a consequence, you get abandoned forms  
  • Much harder to build as these forms require more attention from developers  

Multi-Phase Forms

The implementation involves just a single step on your website.

But once submitted it sends the user inside their Forex Trader’s Room to finalize it.  


  • These forms don’t annoy users as much as the user feels like – “Well the hardest part is behind, I may as well finish”.  
  • The Issue of abandoned forms goes away as all info from Phase 1 on the website is stored in your Forex CRM and even if abandoned, the Sales Team will find a way back to the visitor  


  • Even harder to code then the Multi-Step Form.  

Demo Account Forms

Definitely keep as simple as possible – the simplest one-step form, perhaps with email confirmation. 

Forms API

  • Most providers including Kenmore Design have it 
  • Allow for more freedom and releasing provider constraints  
  • Use to build advanced marketing campaigns and landing pages 

After Registration

Email verification comes after the forms are submitted.  

  • You can email the user a link to click in order to proceed to the Trader’s Room 
  • Or email them a code to paste onto the form they just filled  

Phone verification via SMS or a phone call verification is falling out of popularity and is only used by ~20% of our clients.  

To sum up, the obvious ‘Cadillac’ solution is the Multi-Phase form.  However, if you are not burdened by any regulatory requirements, you may want to consider the Single-Step form.  

From our experience, the most abandoned forms are Multi-Step forms and we highly recommend implementing user experience tracking. 

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