Forex Brokerage Mass Email Solutions. Connecting Directly With a Target Audience.

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Effective use of email communications is critical in developing and maintaining any business relationship.  There is a fine line between engaging customers and turning them away. Learn how to keep them coming back for more!

Before we tell you how to set up a great system, first it’s important to organize your email lists.  Your audience needs to be separated into segments. For an FX brokerage this may mean:

  1.       People who opened a demo account and left it at that
  2.       People who opened a demo account and tried their hand at trading
  3.       People who opened a live account but haven’t yet completed KYC
  4.       People who completed KYC but never traded
  5.       Traders who are somewhat active
  6.       Highly active traders 
  7.       Potential and Existing IBs

This list of course should be defined by someone in the Brokerage as your segments may be different.

We can start by preparing neutral content related to recent financial news or habits of a responsible trader.  Such content is applicable to a broad swath of customers. If the content is too long, it’s best to put it in a blog post and link to it through an excerpt in the email.

Using the lists or segments, you can address your audience directly using merge tags (aka variables in different systems).  To illustrate our point, take the example of an email to a trader who hasn’t traded in a while:

Hello [first name],

It has been over [days since last trade] since you traded with us – we thought we’d send you the most recent market trends.

Different programs allow you to make these mass segmented emails.  Hubspot and Salesforce round out the upper end.  Mailchimp can be useful as a pure email platform.  We offer an alternative option – Kenmore Design’s system allows you to build complete email campaigns! 

Depending on your reports (subscribe to our blog for more detail), the system will allow emails with tags based on those reports.  One of the advantages of our system is that all emails used by traders get confirmed – they click a link in the email to confirm ownership – so we know it’s a real email!  Ta-da!

Finally, in relation to the GDPR regulations, in the European jurisdiction, customers need to consent to email communications – they do so automatically by signing up with you!

 With our help and guidance, you will be able to quickly gain a solid client base and develop an excellent reputation.

Kenmore Design has representation worldwide and we are looking forward to seeing more of you in 2020!

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