How to Set Up a Forex Brokerage Customer Support Team

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Customer Support in Forex Brokerage firms: We’re going to break it down for you in this post and get right down to the nuts and bolts of how to set up a successful team.


Most customer support tips seem to focus on HIRING, MANAGEMENT, and the RISKS INVOLVED.


But before you even think of hiring and managing a team, you need to think about the tools you’ll use to set it up.


Having the software setup PRIOR to the team onboarding is vital for the smooth training and general work satisfaction of your team.


Having worked closely with more Forex brokers then we can remember, we basically know what your day looks like.


Your Head of Support:

  1. Checks the CRM
  2. Assigns tickets
  3. Picks up the phone
  4. Checks Slack, Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, Line, Signal, 
    joins a Zoom call and heads to the Trello board

OUR Head of Support starts each day with a similar routine.


So, let’s dive right into 10 customer support tools to help set your team up for success! 


1. The CRM

It will tie all the other channels into one. The ROI on a good CRM will be exponential. Kenmore Design’s CRM is also relatively cheap as far as Software as a Service goes and given that there are no user or usage limits.


2. Client Messaging

This one is tricky. All of your clients are using different messengers. To tie all messengers into one, we use SingleBox Plus or All-in One Messenger to declutter the mess that was created by all the messenger companies. These apps allow you to put all your messengers into one window allowing you to easily switch between them while giving you additional options and advanced notifications settings.


3.  Internal Messaging

We communicate on Slack; however, Rocket Chat comes in at a close second. In addition to being very extendable allowing users to create channels and projects, you can also monitor the uptime of all your systems. Kenmore Design’s system can also notify you on Slack in case of any kind of issues: failed deposit payments attempts, system uptime, or Multi-Level IB payout issues. Even tasks posted by the CRM can be announced in Slack. PLUS Slack can be added to one of your multi-messenger apps that we mentioned before.


4. TO-DO app

We prefer a Mac-OS app called Things. But Trello Board is very good as well. Sometimes we switch between the two. In addition, Trello can work in one of your multi-messenger apps! It’s super handy.


5. Voice Calls and Meetings

Zoom is good for video-calls because it works better then others when it comes to long distance calls. It works well in the UAE and in other counties that regularly block voice over internet calls. By now we all have it installed and the learning curve is flattened. The close alternative is Vectera which is all browser based, allowing you to create meeting rooms, share your screen, and do webcam video and voice calls. It also provides a whiteboard and co-browsing functions. Check it out.


6. Email Setup

Your team will live in the email box; so it is worth getting a reliable email service. Google Workspace, ZohoMail, Mailfence for Business, or Proton Mail are our top choices. All these systems allow you to have a business email on your domain and are very secure, reliable, fast, and user-friendly. Although we tend to prefer local clients such as Mail app


7. Mass Email

It is also useful to have a nice mass emailer on hand when you need it. Once in a while you will need to contact all your clients for important announcements. Many CRMs including Kenmore Design’s provide a mass email function, but even still you may want to look into MailChimp and Moosend which are both Forex-friendly as long as you keep it light.


8. Internal Knowledge Base

There are actually a lot of options. Your team will need access to a shared knowledge base to provide quick pre-made answers and various guides. The one we really like is OneNote. Its local and cloud at the same time, and its free!


9. Crypto Tools

We strongly believe that every Forex Broker that works with Crypto should use Trezor Hardware Wallet. Not only does it keep your Crypto funds in cold (offline) storage, it also comes with a browser extension or a standalone app that can enable your customer support to verify Crypto transactions that have cleared.

Since it’s a HARDWARE wallet you can’t execute transactions without the device itself. So you can keep things separated this way which is great for security, given that the Model One cost is under 100USD.


10. Manager or Trading Terminal for Mac OS

This is actually one of the Kenmore Design services we provide where we wrap your MetaTrader TERMINAL and MANAGER applications to work on Mac OS. It works for both MT4 and MT5 and easily works on the new M1 Macs.

So there is our (not quite exhaustive) list.  I hope at least some of these will be helpful for you and your team in order to boost your productivity, company mood, and customer support in general.

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