Logo Design and MT4 and MT5 Whitelabel Icons

forex_logo_designKenmore Design helps forex brokerages construct their corporate identity by designing company logos, MT4 and MT5 whitelabel materials, and marketing materials.

Logos for forex brokerages should have a special look and feel: they should be neither too casual, nor too corporate, and they should identify your industry while distinguishing you from the competition. The perfect logo is the one that has meaning, adheres to the company color scheme, and can fit perfectly on both your website and the trading platform.

Kenmore Design has been designing logos for the financial industry and many others for over five years.

Once your logo is done we will prepare the whitelabel icons for Metaquotes or other trading platforms.

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  • Dramatically reduce your time spent on operations
  • Provide traders with account access from mobile or tablet devices
  • Save time by enabling traders to provide personal info
  • Reduce double entry to zero

Customer Stories

The process of setting up a back office and CRM has been easy and straightforward, thanks to Kenmore Design. Their development team has been with us every step of the way and communication has been effortless. Response time has been very quick.

The CRM has helped our management team stay one step ahead when it comes to handling tasks and clients, which has helped our business remain effective and efficient.

Support has been great. Kenmore Design is always right there when we need them to ensure that operations continue to run smoothly. They are always clear with us so that there are no misunderstandings.

In addition, their Multi-Tier IB support has the exact functionality we were looking for and is user-friendly, providing us with a reliable and easy-to-use system. Overall, we are quite satisfied with Kenmore Design’s products and exceptional service and can highly recommend them.



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